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Cast copper-lead alloys

Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich

According to the Unified Numbering System (UNS):

Cast Copper-Lead Alloys (Leaded Coppers) are copper alloys, containing 24-51% of lead (Pb) as the major alloying element. Cast Copper-Lead alloys are designated with the numbers from C98000 through C98999.

Cast Copper-Nickel alloys may contain up to 3% of tin (Sn), and up to 5% of silver (Ag) as additional alloying elements.

Cast Copper-Lead alloys possess binary microstructure, consisting of lead particles distributed throughout the copper matrix.

Lead in the Cast Copper-Lead alloys serves as a solid lubricant in sliding friction applications.

Cast Copper-Lead alloys are used for manufacturing sliding bearings, bushings and other sliding friction components.

Chemical compositions of some cast copper-lead alloys

UNS Designation Pb,% Sn,% Cu,%
C98200 21.0-27.0 0.6-2.0 balance
C98400 26.0-33.0 0.5 max. balance
C98600 30.0-40.0 0.5 max. 60.0-70.0
C98800 37.5-42.5 0.25 max. 56.5-62.5
C98820 40.0-44.0 1.0-5.0 balance
C98840 44.0-58.0 1.0-5.0 balance

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