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dmitri_kopeliovich2014-2.jpg Thank you for visiting SubsTech.

We hope you will find in our site useful information about engineering materials.
We have been trying to submit here the most reliable and relevant data resulted from R&D achievements and verified by engineering experience and industrial practice.

We would appreciate to receive your comments, notes and suggestions concerning the site content, design and operation.

Here are some principle facts about us:

  • SubsTech (Substances&Technologies) is a free and open knowledge source in Materials Engineering. It has been operating since April 2007.
  • We have tried to avoid creating another unsystematic collection of articles on a field of knowledge or industry. SubsTech’s content is organized in a system, in which each article is related to the appropriate subject matter and linked to other relevant articles.
  • Each article also includes a list of useful external links related to the article content.
  • SubsTech content is continuously growing due to additions of new articles and sections.
  • The site usage is free and open to anyone. You don’t need to register and login for access to our articles.

SubsTech’s sister website Smooth Sliding provides independent engineering consulting services that help you to solve engine bearing related issues:

  • Engine bearing failure analysis
  • Investigation of engine bearing metallurgy: properties, microstructure, composition
  • Selection of the best bearing material for a particular engine
  • Analysis of engine bearing geometry and dimensions
  • Theoretical calculations of hydrodynamic lubrication
  • Development of engine bearings
  • General questions on materials engineering: technologies, metallurgy, material properties and behavior

For further information and for requesting consulting services please visit Smooth Sliding.

Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich

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