Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich

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Director of Research & Development of King Engine Bearings.
World leading expert (25 years of experience) in design, technology and materials for Engine bearings in applications such as automotive, renewable energy, aviation, racing and others.
Founder of SubsTech (Substances & Technologies) – a leading professional web site on Materials Science and Engineering. Author of numerous scientific and engineering publications and patents.

Engine Bearings Consulting

SubsTech provides engineering consulting services that help you to solve engine bearing related issues:

  • Engine bearing failure analysis
  • Investigation of engine bearing metallurgy: properties, microstructure, composition
  • Selection of the best bearing material for a particular engine
  • Analysis of engine bearing geometry and dimensions
  • Comparison of bearings made by different manufacturers
  • General questions on materials engineering: technologies, metallurgy, material properties and behavior

Request for consulting services:

Fields of expertise

Development of Engine Bearings
  • Engine bearing failure analysis
  • Development of materials for engine bearings
  • Engine bearing design
  • Lubrication of engine bearing
  • Hydrodynamic calculations of engine bearing operation
  • Engine bearings for racing car engines
  • Engine bearings for aviation engines
  • Functional testing and validation of engine bearings
Investigation of Engine Bearings
  • Metallurgical examinations (optical microscope, electron microscope, hardness tests)
  • Tribological tests of anti-friction materials
  • Failure analysis
  • Adhesion tests
  • Thermodynamic, dynamic and hydrodynamic calculations
  • Fatigue tests
  • Engine dynamometer tests
Development of technological processes for engine bearings manufacturing
  • Continuous casting of non-ferrous alloys
  • Sintering of copper alloys
  • Thermal treatment of aluminum and ferrous alloys
  • Plastic deformation (rolling, stamping)
  • Electroplating (tin alloys, lead alloys, nickel, chrome, silver alloys)
  • Polymer coating
  • Physical Vapor Deposition of anti-friction coatings
  • Surface preparation, treatment and adhesion enhancement
  • Metal matrix composites
  • Polymer matrix composites
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