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Rust protection oils

Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich

Rust protection (prevention) oils are lubricants providing temporary protection of metal parts from oxidation caused by moisture, oil contaminants and chemically active atmosphere.

Rust (Galvanic corrosion|corrosion) protection oils contain Corrosion inhibitors, which form a barrier film on the substrate surface. The inhibitors consist of polar molecules possessing water-repellent properties. The inhibitor molecules absorb on the metal surface forming a film protecting the part from the attack of oxygen, water and other chemically active substances.
Rust inhibiting additives contain also surfactants (wetting agents), which form strong bond with the metal part surface and provide efficient spreading the inhibitor molecules over the surface. Sodium sulphonate is commonly used as wetting agent.

The following materials are used as rust and corrosion inhibitors:

  • Alkaline compounds;
  • Organic acids;
  • Esters;
  • Amino-acid derivatives.

Rust and corrosion inhibitors are added to various lubricants: Engine oils, Gear oils, Hydraulic oils, Cutting fluids (coolants), Way lubricants, Compressor oils etc.

Rust protection oils are used for protection finished and packed metal parts and also parts temporary stored between the fabrication stages.

Rust protection oils are commonly based on mineral oils (either paraffinic or naphtenic).

Suppliers of rust protection oils determine the oils performance in the Product Data: protection film thickness, storage period varying from short-term (two weeks) to long-term (12 months or even longer), indoor or outdoor storage, type of metal to be protected, finger prints protection etc.

Rust prevention oils are applied by dip, spray or brush-on. The protection film may be easily removed by either a detergent (alkaline cleaner) or a solvent.

Properties of some rust protection oils

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