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Elastomer Hypalon (CSM, Chlor-Sulfonated Polyethylene)

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Hypalon (CSM, Chlor-Sulfonated Polyethylene)
Property Value in metric unit Value in US unit
Density 1.2 *10³ kg/m³ 74.9 lb/ft³
Tensile strength 21 MPa 3050 psi
Elongation 500 % 500 %
Glass transition temperature -55 ºC -67 ºF
Maximum work temperature 130 ºC 266 ºF
Electric resistivity 106 Ohm*m 108 Ohm*cm
Dielectric constant 8.5 - 8.5 -
  • Excellent abrasion resistance;
  • Excellent tensile strength;
  • Excellent elongation;
  • Good resistance to ozone and oxygen;
  • Good weather resistance;
  • Good heat resistance;
  • Good corrosion resistance;
  • Poor resistance to aromatic solvents, esters, chlorinated solvents;

Applications: cable insulation, gaskets, flexible hoses for oil and chemicals, conveyor belts.

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