Create a new article

  • Read the information below before creating a new article
  • If you are aware of it, start creating your new article:

Write the pagename (article title) in the blank field and then ckick “Add page”.

There are three different kinds of articles (besides Material Expert page), which you may create in this site:

General article

  • This is an encyclopedia type article. It must be based only on common and well known facts and data. General articles must contain no results of original researches.
  • General articles may be freely edited by everybody. Such collaborative editing allows to integrate knowledge and experience of maximum members of Materials Engineering community.
  • General articles are located in the main sections of the site: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, Composites, Fluids.

Journal article

  • Journal articles contain data, which is a result of the authors original research.
  • Editing a Journal article is permitted to no site visitor except the article author (submitter).1) If you have your own data (theories, results, experience, conclusions) on the subject of an article, just create a new Journal article.

Material table page

  • Material table pages store materials properties data. A Material table page is titled by a material name (example: Wrought aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy 6061). The principal part of a Material table page is a table containing the material properties data.
  • Editing a Material table page is permitted to no site visitor except the page submitter.2)

Before editing or creating a new article please read principles of our editing policy:

Editing policy

  • Do not violate copyrighting laws.
  • Respect other authors and contributors.
  • Only articles and pages related to Materials Engineering or Materials Science may be placed in this website. Irrelevant content will be removed.
  • Addition is preferable rather than deletion.
  • An article title and the pagename (the name of the file containing the article) should be identical.
  • Do not cgange pagename. This breaks a lot of internal links located in different site pages. Instead of changing the pagename and the title of an existing article just create a new article under a new title.
  • Commercial external hyperlinks and other elements of advertising are allowed only through an agreement with the website administration.
  • Pages should have a uniform appearance. Use our templates or existing articles for creating new articles and pages.
  • Authors (submitters) of Journal articles and Material table pages should write their real names and the names and locations of the related organizations (e.g. company, university) under the page title.
  • If you are not a sole author of a new Journal article, your co-authors must approve both: the article content and its submission to the site.
  • Always include a reference list at the end of new Journal articles.
  • The site language is English.
  • If you do not agree with the above policy and rules, do not submit new articles and do not edit articles here.

Log in

In order to create (edit) an article (or any other page) you need to log in. This quick and simple procedure provides you an access (read, edit, create, upload) to the site articles.3)

Instructions on creating a new article

  1. Write the title of your new article in the blank field and then click the button “Add page”. You have entered the edit window of the new article now. At the right top corner of the window you see a bold note: “If a new article, select a template!!”
  2. Select a template appropriate to the article you are creating (General article, Journal article, Material Expert page, Material table page). The template text has filled the textarea of the edit window.
  3. Start writing you new article through editing the template text. At the very top of the edit window you see the toolbar with quickbuttons providing quick access to most of the simpler syntax. For full description of the editing and formatting DokuWiki syntax click syntax.
  4. Do not forget to write your name (preferably - real name) in the article section “Article contributors”.

Start creating your new article:

Editing tips

  1. If you want to test some things, learn to make your first steps on the playground.
  2. Use the Preview button before saving the text.
  3. Create internal links to other article: a pagename (article title) surrounded with double square brackets. (click syntax for description).
  4. External links are recognized automatically according to their format: or (click syntax for description).
  5. When the text is ready click the Save button. The new article is created now. (Remember: if you leave the edit window without saving the text - it will be lost).
  6. If you want to improve the text, return to the Edit window (click Edit this page). Before saving the changes describe briefly in the field Edit summary what you have changed.
  7. You may also create internal links to the new article in other articles of this website (add the new article link to the section “Related internal links” of other articles).
1) , 2) The site administration may make minor insufficient changes, concerning mainly the articles text format. Administration will remove a Journal article in a case of irrelevant content.
3) Editing Journal articles , Material table pages and Material Expert pages is permitted to their submitters only.
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