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Thermoset Phenolics (PF)

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Phenolics (PF)
Property Value in metric unit Value in US unit
Density 1.40 *10³ kg/m³ 87.4 lb/ft³
Modulus of elasticity (flexural) 8.3 GPa 1200 ksi
Tensile strength 50 MPa 7000 psi
Elongation 1 % 1 %
Flexural strength 69 MPa 10000 psi
Thermal expansion (20 ºC) 40*10-6 ºCˉ¹ 22*10-6 in/(in* ºF)
Maximum work temperature 120 ºC 250 ºF
  • High hardness;
  • Brittle;
  • Excellent thermal stability;
  • Very good dielectric properties.

Applications: wiring devices, lamps holders, switchboards, bottle caps, automotive parts, plugs and switches, handles on kitchen utensils (filled with mineral fibers), motor housings, welding tongs, ashtrays.

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