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Engine oil SAE 10W-30

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Engine oil SAE 10W-30
Mineral based multigrade diesel engine oil
Property Value in metric unit Value in US unit
Density at 60°F (15.6°C) 0.875 *10³ kg/m³ 54.6 lb/ft³
Kinematic viscosity at 104°F (40°C)/100°F (38°C) 67.5 cSt 345 SSU
Kinematic viscosity at 212°F (100°C)/210°F (99°C) 10.7 cSt 62.7 SSU
Viscosity index 140 140
CCS viscosity at -13°F (-25°C) 6000 cP 6000 cP
Flash point 210 ºC 410 ºF
Pour Point -33 ºC -30 ºF
Sulfated ash 1.2 % 1.2 %
Neutralization No. (TBN-E) 9 9
Color 3.5 3.5

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