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Ammonia (properties)

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Chemical formula: NH3
Property Value in metric unit Value in US unit
Molecular mass 17.03 17.03
Density of gas at 59°F (15°C), 1 atm. 0.73 kg/m³ 0.045 lb/ft³
Density of gas at boiling point, 1 atm. 0.889 kg/m³ 0.0555 lb/ft³
Density of liquid at boiling point, 1 atm. 681.9 kg/m³ 42.57 lb/ft³
Heat of fusion at triple point, 1 atm. 331.4 kJ/kg 142.5 BTU/lb
Heat of vaporization at boiling point, 1 atm. 1371 kJ/kg 589.4 BTU/lb
Specific heat capacity Cp at 59°F (15°C), 1 atm. 2190 J/(kg*K) 0.523 BTU/(lb*ºF)
Specific heat capacity Cv at 59°F (15°C), 1 atm. 1671 J/(kg*K) 0.399 BTU/(lb*ºF)
Boiling point at 1 atm. -33.35 ºC -28.03 ºF
Melting Point -77.72 ºC -107.9 ºF
Thermal conductivity of gas at 32°F (0°C), 1 atm. 0.022 W/(m*K) 0.15 BTU*in/(hr*ft²*ºF)
Dynamic viscosity of gas at 32°F (0°C), 1 atm. 9.8*10-5 poise 6.5*10-6 lb/(ft*s)
Dynamic viscosity of liquid at -28°F (-33°C) 270*10-5 poise 179*10-6 lb/(ft*s)
Autoignition temperature 630 ºC 1166 ºF

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